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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 20, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to the ."ournal" john kerry says that israelis and palestinians have agreed to meet in washington. back intic weapon moscow, determined to run for mayor. and conquering the alps in yemen, setting up his maiden move and cycling's biggest race.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says regarding the peace process is a vital strategic interest to israel. his comments come just a day after u.s. secretary of state john kerry announced israelis and palestinians will hold preliminary talks in washington in the coming weeks. israel's expected to release a number of palestinian prisoners before the talks again. it has been three years since the two sides have held face-to- face negotiations. >> finally, a sign of a breakthrough for kerry's diplomacy. through his time mediating, palestinian president mahmoud abbas has insisted he would only agree to negotiations on pre- 1967 borders. that was something israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu staunchly opposed. whether the issue has been resolved is not clear. >> i'm hopeful because of the courageous leadership shown by president abbas and prime minister netanyahu, both of them
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have chosen to make difficult choices here and both of them were instrumental in pushing in this direction. we would not be standing here tonight if they had not made the choices. >> today president abbas' spokesman said details of the agreement are still to be finalized. >> there is a palestinian state. the borders are known. any negotiations should be with this basis. as the president said several times, there should be a fair solution for the refugees. free all the prisoners, the heroes who are the red line for the palestinian people. israel has announced it will release a number of palestinian prisoners as a first step. was metalem, the news with a mixture of approval and skepticism. make an't think he will difference. i hope it will, but i think it will. don't think it will. them i am always in favor of
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this kind of negotiations. we should learn to live with the palestinians. >> israeli and palestinian envoys are expected to meet in washington in the coming weeks for initial talks. >> russian opposition activist alexi is back in moscow. he was free from jail yesterday just 24 hours after he was slapped with a five-year prison sentence. hundreds of his supporters were on hand to greet him after his return to the capital. if your script of the kremlin, he said he will push ahead with his plan to become moscow's mayor. he returned to a hero's welcome. he was released from jail pending his appeal. it rolled keeping him behind bars would limit his right to be elected. he is running for mayor of moscow. he thanked all of those who had protested against his conviction.
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>> you brought down and destroy the greatest privilege the kremlin never has. their religion right to take any person, arrest him on the spot so that person is lost. you made it possible for us to be let out the day after the trial. i do. navalny's conviction still stands. he was found guilty in a lumber deal, trumped up charges he say were to silence him. he is a leading critic of resident vladimir putin. >> i am for navalny. he is the best, most promising, sensible figure in the opposition. be a freerussia to and civilized country. that is why i support navalny. >> if he loses his appeal, he faces five years in a penal
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colony. meantime, he intends to resume his campaign. the moscow mayor or collection is scheduled for september 8. verdict -- itll is a small victory for the opposition. the verdict proved that president vladimir putin is cracking down harder than ever on dissidents. againstve been verdicts dozens of opposition activists expected to follow. >> us return to the top story, the announcement by u.s. secretary of state john kerry that israelis and palestinians will resume direct talks in washington. for more on that story is our jerusalem correspondent, tonya cramer. tonya, what kind of compromises will the two sides have to make. >> there are many different issues. we know of only about one israeli concession that has been made, and that is the release of palestinian prisoners, a step that was announced by the israeli minister. the other sticking points, and
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possible settlement freeze or the 1967 borders as a basis for starting the talks, i don't think the palestinians want to see. it is not clear what this will work out because the people involved in the talks are not elaborating on the details. >> what has been the reaction on the streets to the possible resumption of talks? >> i think on both sides, what i hear from people, people are very skeptical. most were taken by surprise that rightmanaged this through. depending on the political background, their reactions are different. israelis are on high alert. side, palestinian president abbas will have to work hard to convince people he is right to enter the talks. at the moment, they are trying to understand what the parameters will be because of the secrecy surrounding it. people don't know what to expect. >> do you see any good reasons
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for hoping these talks might make some headway? >> the intention is to start initial talks with in a week and sort out a number of issues and details that foreign secretary kerry has said still need to be formalized. that alone is already a challenge. tonight, after the end of the weekend, there have been a lot of statements and comments on both sides. on the topic of releasing palestinian prisoners unknown, the challenges have become difficult. the palestinians are very happy about that. on the israeli side, many are opposed to releasing prisoners with what they call blood on their hands. i think this example shows how difficult this process will be. >> tonya cramer in jerusalem, thank you very much. to the g-20 summit in moscow, leaders from the world's 20 biggest economies agreed that growth is still too sluggish and
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called on governments around the world to boost demand. at the end of the meeting, the g-20 said creating jobs was more important than reducing debt. uighurs expressed concern over the uneven pace of recovery from the financial crisis. the u.s. and japan are registering some growth, but the eurozone remains in recession. a u.s. court has renewed an order forcing american phone company verizon to hand over data to u.s. intelligence services. the foreign intelligence surveillance court has to approve the request like this every three months. u.s. government says it needs the data for its anti-terror programs. massiveevelations of a u.s. spy program have caused international outrage. german chancellor angela merkel said she will push for a global deal to protect electronic data. u.s. president barack obama is calling on americans to do some soul-searching following the acquittal of george zimmerman. zimmerman, a white
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neighborhood guard, was declared not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin, a black teenager. it was a highly controversial case that sparked a fresh debate over race relations in the u.s. friday, obama gave in an usually personal speech at a press conference in washington where he told of his own experiences as an african american and said the slain teenager could have been him. 35 years ago. are very few african americans who have not had experience of getting on an elevator and a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her breath until she has a chance to get off. that happens often. you know, i don't want to exaggerate this, but those sets of experiences inform how the african-american community onerprets what happened night in florida. has convicted five crew
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members and one company official for their part in the costa concordia cruiseship disaster. six have received sentences of up to two years and 10 month for multiple manslaughter, negligence, and shipwreck, as the court agreed to plea bargains to avoid a lengthy trial. but none of them is likely to spend time in prison. the trial of the ship's captain is due to resume in september. 32 people were killed when the ship capsized off the island in january 2012. commemoratingeen the failed attempt to assassinate at off hitter other -- at law -- adolf hitler nearly 70 years ago. he gathered at a memorial. one officer planted a bomb close to hitler on july 20, 1944. the german defense minister was among those in attendance.
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had him in thousands of others killed after the assassination plot failed. only a major disaster can stop christopher froome from winning this year's tour de france sunday. the britons still has a commanding lead over his closest rival, a man who won saturday's final outlying stage. >> it was his last hurdle and he with he's. christopher froome may have finished, but his five-minute lead is safe and his victory assured. sunday's ride into paris will be a procession with no attacks. the team sky leader took control of the ride in an assured manner. over six punishing climbs, he easily shook off his biggest rival, spain's alberto contador. the three-man break yielded the stage winner.
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quintanabian nairo counter to seal a brilliant first win on his debut tour. the 23-year-old has now secured second in the general classification as well as the best work he and king of the mountain titles. -- as well as the best rookie and king of the mountain titles. >> roger federer is out at the atp hamburg open. he went out in straight sets to the world number 114 player in the semifinals. advantage of roger federer's numerous unforced errors to win consecutive tiebreaks 7-6 thomas 7-6. the argentine took just under two hours to dispose of the world number one. tennis face italy's player in the tournament final sunday. tunisia'sng, where swimmer has won the 500
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kilometer open race at the world championships in barcelona. he clocked in at 53 minutes, 30 seconds, beating the canadian swimmer by one second. the german swimmer who was hoping to win his eighth title came in third. top-flight odis lead foot all may not kick off another three weeks, but the big teams are already moving up through the gears in preparation. , dianerm-up tournament munich showed a gloves of their form under their new head coach against hamburg. they opened the scoring for the bavarians, while applying the finishing touch in the 60 minute match. they will meet the host in the final after they won 1-0. they scored the only goal in the penalty spot. now some breakneck motorcycle action in madrid, were a french
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writer has claimed the crown in the red bull world tour championship. 12 riders squared off in the bullfighting arena, showing a lector five runs. with this breath trekking trick -- breathtaking trick, he won the final, well ahead of the competition. american has won the 100 meter at the diamond league meeting in morocco. he won the race and 9.9 four seconds, setting him up to be the main challenger to the jamaican sprint superstar you seen bold next month. the win comes just a week after his teammate tyson gay and three jamaican sprinters tested positive for a banned substance. will handing albert over the throne to his eldest son prince philip sunday. in his last address to the nation is king, he called on belgians to remain committed to the european union.
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he also urged the country to stay united. tensions between the houses have threatened to tear it apart. earlier he was advocating -- abdicating because of his age and poor health. stay with us here on dw. school is in a berlin district. it is known as a problem area. youth unemployment is rife. the crime rate is also high. a are just some of the challenges facing the students, many of whom are from immigrant backgrounds. natalie schmidt does not let that discourage her. -- ear-old wants
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in herf the students year are likely to pass. only a few will do well. in order to make sure that she succeeds, natalie has sought help. runs a mentor ship program to guide the students through their final exams. she meets her mentor in the bustling city center. this is a human resource manager for a financial services company. the 28 -- the 28-year-old mentors natalie in her free time. she find it rewarding. there is so much potential in
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her, she says, sometimes i get the feeling she is restricted by her environment. your environment determines your limits. maybe it is like that in the classroom, too. beebe and -- it might be different if she had the benefit with other people. if things were different, it would be more conducive to her. unicef i has had to fight her way out. now she wants to help natalie. -- josepha has had to fight her way out. now she wants to help natalie. after work, she goes to meet her. they see each other nearly every week now. in two months, natalie will sit on her exams. she also has to give a presentation. she is focusing on the core subject, german, english, math. markrmany, a1 is the best
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and a a six is the worst. natalie needs at least a four. they study in the library. today it is math. natalie has to recite the formula for determining the area of a polygon. but she gets the terminology confused. josepha explains it all to her again. studied together nearly two hours, until the library closes. one month later, there are now four weeks until the exams. natalie has no school today. she is going to visit her boyfriend.
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he has artie left school and is working in a supermarket. already left school and is working in a supermarket. he tells me he started work at 7 a.m. he is going home now. he is german-lebanese. 18-year-old would rather be working a more challenging job, but he did not finish high school. he did not care about education in the past. now he sees things differently. if you grow up not having much, he says, you think, i could become a criminal and make money. but you should really give school ago because in other countries you have to pay for school. where there is no school at all. and there you may not even have water. natalie does not stay long because she wants to study. she lives in an apartment complex. the rents here are especially low. to her room and works
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on the old german exam questions. her mentor has taught her to have a structured to her studies. plan that she wants to follow all the way up to the exams. but messages from friends keep distracting her. it is like a chat for bram, she says, a bit like msn. you just chat over the internet. it is not exactly great for the concentration. natalie lives with her mother. her parents came to germany from: 25 years ago. they have since separated.
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her mother is a trained seamstress, but she has not been able to find a job for years, so they live on social welfare. the effort toe speak german with each other. study more now, you will definitely feel better later, her mother says. because you will have achieved something, and then your life will be easier. there are now just two weeks before natalie's exams. the pressure is mounting. even so, today natalie is hanging out with friends outside her building. her friends also know about the mentor in project. it is already a success in one sense. having a mentor is seen as a cool thing.
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i can talk to her about problems i have with my family or friends, says natalie. schoolworks me in my and she helps me prepare for later life. one of her classmates says having a mentor is like having a friend. today is the last time natalie will see josepha before the exam. this time they meet at her office. natalie is nervous. josepha gives her words of encouragement. i want my family to be proud of me, says natalie. and not toe happy have it too hard in life. i want to take the best path.
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josepha understands how she feels from her own experience. says her parents had a basic education. my mother works at a butcher, and my father is a metal worker, she says. no one thought i would go to university and work for an international company. the week of natalie's exams have arrived. today it is math. the sun has only come up, but natalie has been awake for a while. she slept terribly and she has a stomach ache. she is worried she might forget everything she has learned. i have to avoid getting the
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lowest grade in math, because then i would fail the whole thing, she says. but hopefully it will not be that bad. i have to be optimistic. her school is only a few minutes away. she looks as though she wants to turn back and go home again. if there is something i cannot do, i will try to work around it, she says. i will just tried to think of any possible way to work it out. you never know. walks towards the exam room. the questions this year are difficult. the students have to calculate a parabola. will natalie manage it? the exam last two hours.
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actually, she reemerges. -- eventually, she reemerges. my head is spinning, she says. but i'm just glad to have it behind me. it wasn't easy. math just isn't my subject. there were only two questions i do not attempt. i did everything else. at least i tried. that's good. past, i was scared to even start to do questions. the mathematics exam is safely out of the way. a few days on and natalie has finished all her exams. it is time to thank josepha for all her help. the 16-year-old will not know her marks for another two months, but she's confident, so confident she starts to think
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about staying in school longer instead of leaving to do an apprenticeship. i get support from my family and from josepha, she says, and that makes me stronger. i really think i can achieve my goals. ask.are your goals, i getting my arbor tour, referring to germany's version of a diploma, which opens the door to studying at university. she needs to get good marks in these exams. two months later, there is an award ceremony for everyone who has passed their exam. and hers mother boyfriend have come to watch. sadly, josepha has to work and cannot be here.
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natalie has done it. now she can go to the 11th grade and study towards her diploma. and josepha says sh
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